Feb 15

How Nike won with BREAKING2, and so could you!

One of the most followed sports marketing campaigns in recent years was BREAKING2, the audacious attempt by Nike to run the first ever sub 2 hour marathon. This was a brilliant example of an event-based campaign, playing around with a simple concept, for a powerful effect. The Influence of Time In recent weeks we have... read more →
Feb 08

Did Your Birthday make you do this??

What happen's on your birthday? Aside from some treats (I hope), do you make some different decisions? What if it was your 29th, or 39th birthday? would that matter? If you're looking to get into people's lives, looking at your fans and participants birthdays may be surprisingly valuable. I've mentioned we... read more →
Jan 31

The Power of Start Times & Finish Lines

I’ve been studying the things that influence you and I, and, influence our events. Important things, like the influence of time, the places, and the people around us. Why is Understanding Time important? We are all trying to get the most out of our days, for us, and our teams. If we can understand how... read more →
Jan 29
Jan 22
Dec 16

7 things you may want to know

I got together with Sam Middlehurst of 'Music Run' fame recently and we mashed our experiences together to deliver a 'Crash Course for Event Entrepreneurs' at the Mass Participation Asia Conference. If you’re an entrepreneur or intrepreneur, inventing or reinventing your event, here are our '7 things you may want... read more →
Dec 07
Dec 04
Nov 27
Nov 23