Jun 16

The Secret Effect Influencing You

We spoke last week about how we value something more when we have invested ourselves into it - and how we can use this to positively influence your events. I also believe, this ‘IKEA Effect’ can have a huge influence on how successful you are. Given you typically invest so much of... read more →
Jun 08

The IKEA Effect – and what it means to you!?

I think it’s worthwhile you understand a subtle effect which is actually having a significant influence on your work. This thing is called ‘the IKEA Effect’. And simply put, it means we overvalue what we make. The ‘IKEA’ reference was inspired by Harvard and Yale studies into the ’endowment effect’. The researchers recognised... read more →
May 31

A Small Shift, with Massive Impact

There is one thing you can keep in mind that will make a big impact on how influential your events are. Making them active experiences, not passive ones. I spoke about the brand personality of your event the other week, which created some discussion about which characteristics are more valuable to dial up than others. And... read more →
May 27

REMINDER : You Are Only As Strong As Your Weakest Link!!

I think you would agree events are a team game. And as such the recipe for success in Events is pretty simple really. Our events are simply the sum of all the contributions people make. The event managers, suppliers, stakeholders and partners. The participants and the fans. And if the... read more →
May 19
May 14

Get Into A Deeper Relationship With Your Fan’s!

As event providers we are all trying to engage with our audiences. But sometimes we aren’t speaking to our fans or participants in the right way. And unfortunately as it turns out, we may actually be on a whole different level! The connection between you and your fans Understanding the... read more →
May 07

Amplify your Events with The Network Effect

We’ve been exploring how ‘the Network Effect’ can help us create more successful events. Why? Well it has been said that this simple effect is at the heart of every mass movement. So tapping into this effect could be extremely valuable for your event. The Network Effect is ‘the phenomenon where a product or service gains... read more →
Apr 14

Events are Everything

Working with some great organisations recently has reinforced 3 things for me, that may be obvious, but are often forgotten. #1. Events bring everyone, and everything together #2. Events showcase everything you do and... #3. Almost everyone is 'in events'. And what I have seen is that when organisations realise these 3 things, then... read more →
Mar 29
Mar 26

These 2 things will decide if people come to your event. Or not.

Ultimately, there are 2 massive variables that will decide whether people will come to your event. 1. The aspiration you offer - your event must be aspirational to people, and... 2. The support you provide - people must feel capable of achieving that aspiration. I see this as the primary design challenge... read more →