I help people create successful events, and, have more success as event people.

To design and redesign events, with the world’s leading methods.

After 25 years in events I have seen the opportunities and the challenges.

Events can be inspiring, and challenging.

Chasing fans, participants, partners and profit can be hard.

Delivering to rising expectations, with less time and resources can be stressful.

Providing proof of your success can be difficult.

Finding that next job, the recognition and life you deserve can be tough.

After 25+ years in the industry, I now want to share my learnings. I am currently focused on helping event owners and industry leaders succeed in our influential and challenging world of events. I’m connecting event people to meaningful knowledge, strategies from some of the world’s leading events, and event people.

So I am now helping you be more successful.

I do this in 3 ways:

  1. Advising & Training Event Organisations
  2. Mentoring & Coaching Event People
  3. Sharing new knowledge on Event Experience Design


Creating Influential Events

I help event people, event owners and teams create successful events.

Events can be inspiring, but they can be challenging.

For events to be successful they must be influential and achievable.

  • To get more people and partners to your events, and get them back again.
  • For more money, when you need it.
  • Information to make better decisions, and evidence of your value.
  • Meeting growing expectations, with less time, money and resources.
  • And, enjoying the journey!

With event strategy and design, the evaluation of execution.

Advising, Training, Faciltating with the world leading ‘Experience Design Playbook’

Workshops and Programs



Creating Influential People

I also help event people be more influential in the industry.

Helping you be better. For better work. And a better life.

Being in events can be inspiring but challenging.

Our next steps can be difficult to navigate.

  • To meet the expectations, to get ahead.
  • To thrive and not just survive
  • To get the recognition, the status
  • The job, and the life you deserve.

Mentoring and supporting event people, not to just take the next step, but a big leap.

You can use me as your Personal Coach to achieve your success.

1:1 Mentoring programs



Creating Influential thinking

My aim is to connect you to meaningful knowledge. Sharing learnings from the most influential thinkers and the leading events.

You don’t need any more information, but we do need to make sense of it all.

To help develop your thinking you can…


I am sharing my thoughts and those of other leading thinkers. And I look forward to hearing yours

And contact me to discuss my PhD research program.

Knowledge is power. Have more influence.


I Understand Business

After 25 years in the industry and the last 10 as Managing Director of a leading Agency I understand the opportunities and challenges of the event business.

I believe we have 3 things to get right.

1. Financial Performance.

2. Client & Customer Satisfaction.

3. An Engaged & High Performing Team.

If you get these 3 things right, I know you will be successful.

We are passionate people but in a fast-moving world managing our teams is challenging. Being in the events world can be a stressful place. In our competitive world keeping customers engaged, and clients or partners satisfied is paramount. Events are growing and there are great financial gains, but we need the right models in place to be profitable and sustainable. And events now need to provide greater evidence of their value, the ROI to our funders, and for ourselves.

Let me help you get the right things in place – to achieve what you deserve.

My Mission

I’m passionate about helping people be their best, and creating events that matter. I believe events can (and should) influence peoples lives.

I’m obsessed about leading thinking and connecting you to the knowledge that will make your life easier.

And I want to help you. We should be influential and successful front of house, and also enjoy the journey back of house.

My mission is to make sure we do better work, and live better.

How we live our days, is of course, how we live our lives.

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