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This is the best program to create your own
Inspired and High Performing Team

Creating successful event teams is an art and a science, and with 20+ years of experience,
I have created a Playbook to help us make better decisions.

Events are inspiring, but they can be challenging. They say being in events is the 5th most stressful job in the world.
Just behind the military and emergency services. It shouldn’t be this hard.

Get better results, with less stress.

We work hard and deserve to succeed. Don’t just survive. You can thrive!

Become the leader that keeps your team inspired, and thriving. There is no need to spend all your time and energy on a disengaged, stressed out team.
You will get back hours in each day, with better events, with your own engaged, purpose driven team.

We can help you with our ‘Get Shit Done’ Team workshop.


Stay ‘Above the Line’

“Never underestimate the power of a small group of people to change the world”




Event Organisations

Event Organisations

Event Teams & Leaders

Event Teams & Leaders


It’s a competitive world. You have tough KPI’s. We need to prove ROI. Managing an event team is complex with many moving parts, and growing risks.
There are safety and legal issues, we have financial and reputational risks. Event people are passionate, but there is often someone struggling.
And we make sacrifices, we work hard, so we deserve to do well. To have the work life we aspire to.

We shouldn’t just be surviving, we should be thriving.

So I’m connecting people to a new way of working.


I work with your team to define success. Both front of house and back of house measures.
Yes the end result essential, but how you get there is important.

Just like your event, it is the experience that matters. How you want to work together, to behave and feel as a team.

We will map out the things you need.

We ask and answer questions in 3 crucial areas:
1. Could you succeed? What is the opportunity?
2. Can you succeed? Do you have the capability?
3. Will you succeed? Do you have the passion, the motivation?

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half day teams workshop
executable detailed plan
ongoing support


“We have worked with Andrew several times and always find he delivers extremely valuable, and practical advice, and gets the best out of our team”-


If you are ready for your team to be inspired and to ‘Get Shit Done’ I’d love to hear from you.
Please feel free to book in a call to discuss your needs, or call me now on 0423359354.


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