It’s a tough time, so I’m here to help you get back to your best!

This program is for you and I to set you up for success.
This is only for event people looking to get ahead of the rest.
You deserve to succeed, but it’s harder to do it on your own, so it’s a good time to get some support.

These programs will help with your motivation, and give you the ability plus the opportunity to get the recognition,
that job, and the life you deserve.


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Events are inspiring. We have all experienced the joy seeing it all come together. To create something for the world to enjoy. But right now it’s a challenging world.

‘If not now then when? And if not you, then who?’

We are often too busy to help ourselves. Too busy to look ahead to what is next. And our pathway is often not clear, our next steps or opportunities.

You work hard and deserve to do well, but right now the opportunities are unknown or seem limited. But they are out there for you, and you need to be ready when our industry thrives again. It will happen, and quickly, so you do not want to be the one that misses out on these opportunities!

So working 1 on 1 we will define where you want to go. We will create a robust plan with meaningful steps, giving you the motivation, the capability, and opportunity to achieve what you want to achieve. To find better work, and better lives.

This is your journey. Don’t miss the opportunities that will come. Where do you want to go?


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Let’s get the work, the status, and the life you deserve!


Agency Teams
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This is for you. Event People, across sport, entertainment, agencies, conferences or community events.

Yes, our world is a little bit different. This is for people like us!

How does it work?

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We know that to achieve anything in life, you always need:

1. The Motivation
2. The Capability
3. The Opportunity

So we will make sure you are feeling motivated, making sure you know what is important to you – and what you want to achieve.

When then make sure you have the ability, the skills you need to achieve what it is your motivated by. Getting that role, that life you deserve.

And then we make sure you can find the opportunities. As we know, knowing the right people, and being known for the right things is essential. And, timing is everything, so we will work to make sure you are in front of the right people, in the right places, at the right time.


If you’re ready to make some changes and step up into the job and the life you deserve, then let’s chat!

You can book in a call at andrew@andrewoloughlin.com or call me direct on +61 423 359 354.

PLEASE NOTE all programs are currently being offered at half price as recognition of the current industry challenges.


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“Andrew just gets it, he’s been through it all in the event world, the highs, the lows, the chaos and the buzz. This makes it really easy to chat through your challenges and work through the solutions”-
“Andrew is a passionate mentor who always wants to bring out the best in those around him”.-