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S3 E2: It’s ‘Show me the Money’ week on ‘The Event Show’ – as we feature Ben Jesse, the man charged with developing  some of our industries hottest Commerical properties.

Ben has so much to share from his work with the NBL, along with his experiences with with Cricket Australia and the Big Bash League, Tennis Australia and the Australia Open, the AFL, and, the highly commercial worlds of sports media and motorsport.

Such a valuable chat this one, for all of you looking to solve some challenges and open up commercial opportunities for your event, as Ben shares some great insights and learning for you to apply in your work today.

As so much of our success in events depends on our ability to attract more people, more partners and more profit, this is an episode full of immense value.

The Event Show is all about giving our industry a voice, sharing the experiences of some of our leading minds. So we hope you get some real value, and please do share this show with people you think may gain from the learnings.

Jump in and listen to Ben Jesse, Amanda Jacobs & I here – and please do share with your network.

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S3 E1: It’s a super cool ‘Event Show’ this week, featuring the man who created the global ‘Everesting’ movement, along with some of cycling’s most innovative and engaging events.

A leader of the global CyclingTips community, Andy van Bergen also heads up the Hells 500 cycling collaborative.

Andy talks to us about how he co-founded global and local cycling phenomenon such as ‘‘, a celebration of the beauty of cycling in the ‘Giro Della Donna‘, the infamous experiences of the ‘Ol’ Dirty‘, the intriguing ‘High Rouleur’s Society‘ – and – so much more.

Such a valuable chat this one, for any real event entrepreneurs out there – looking to truly connect with their passion, their people, and to lead innovation in your own Experience Design!

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The Event Show - podcast S2 E5 - Antonia Beggs

S2 E5: As the Summer of Cricket takes up our attention, we head back to Cricket Australia to speak with Head of Events Antonia Begg’s.

Antonia herself has had a remarkable career, after leaving investment banking and being told she might not make it in our world of events, she’s undeniably done remarkably well!

Now with 15 years of experience on some of the worlds major sports events, and a passion for sports fan engagement, Antonia is someone worth listening to. From the Ryder Cup and some of the world’s greatest golf tournaments, to the Ashes and highest profile cricket events, Antonia offers some great insights into how it all works.

So find out how Antonia leads a team to deliver an incredibly high volume of events dates, to very high expectations, across a variety of International Test, One Day and Big Bash event experiences. From focusing on methods such as ‘Moments that Matter’, the 3 C’s mantra, and an impressive mindset of having “gratitude for the fans”.

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The Event Show - podcast S2 E4 - Tahira Endean

S2 E4: Tahira Endean is a name that pops up a lot on the Event world. Author, blogger, and Event Producer.

Based in North America her work and book around ‘Intentional Event Design’ sparked our attention as it connects with what we’ve been going on about recently, that all events should influence us. By that we mean effect people in some way, what we think and do.

Tahira gives us some great examples of this mindset in play, and specific questions you can ask of yourself and your team to create transformative events. How to innovate and productively apply your creativity. To create those ‘magical moments’.

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The Event Show - podcast S2 E3 - Sam Middlehurst

S2 E3: It’s a rockstar show this week, with leading entrepreneur

Sam Middleton Co-founder & MD of The Music Run

Sam is a self confessed reformed management consultant, now creating rockstar active experiences, that look like this…

Attracting over 250,000 participants, as the name suggests this is the mashing of music and running together to create amazing moments – like the world’s largest finish line party.

Standing out from the crowd in sport and entertainment is not easy, nor is winning the hearts and minds of a youthful audience. But Sam and his team are showcasing how an aspirational vision combined with market insights can create brilliant new experiences.

In this Show you will hear Sam share some generous insights into the things they have learned, and continue to work on in their journey in our inspiring and competitive world of events.

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The Event Show - podcast S2 E2 - Tim Wood

S2 E2: This show is a ripper.

Despite failing in his quest to ‘become the next big thing’, Tim Wood has kind of done ok!

A career with Nike, McDonalds, Mattel, et al has led him to become a fantastic advisor to event people wanting to connect with brands like these.

Having worked with Tim, we knew he knew his stuff, and had a lot of insights to offer people like us. We also knew Tim understands the value of a great story, and always has some fun sharing it.

So tune in, this show will help you get on your way to more partnerships, and maybe a few laughs…

As Amanda describes it, ‘this one is so inspiring, an absolute hit and the reason we do this show’.


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We are back! Series 2 starts with Anthony Everard from Cricket Australia – one of the leading figures in our sports events industry. Trust me, this is a rich half hour chat!

You can learn how Anthony led the way in the creating arguably Australian sports most successful products of the last decade, the Big Bash League. Hear how Anthony and his team had to ‘be like pirates’ on the journey to success, and to overcome their doubters. It’s interesting to listen to how Anthony led with a clear vision of what they had to be, and who they were not.

As you will hear, Anthony is a visionary and strategic thinker, and has so much to share with us, including an interesting view on the start up stages of one of our first, and leading womens sports products, the ANZ Championship. You will also learn how Anthony is ‘untangling a bowl of spaghetti’ in our sometimes complex, and always competitive event marketplace.

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The Event Show - podcast 12 - Chris Robb

S1 E12: Today we have a chat with Chris Robb, author of the book ‘Mass Participation Sports Events’, a highly sought after International Speaker, High Impact Consultant and CEO of Mass Participation Asia.

Chris’s life reads like the pages of a novel. His amazing journey has allowed him to impact the lives of millions of people by creating and delivering mass participation sports events across three continents.

While there have been countless highlights, including working on the Sydney 2000 Olympics and recently, meeting Sir Richard Branson at his home on Necker Island, Chris came from humble beginnings, growing up poor on a farm in Zimbabwe.

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The Event Show - podcast 11 - Marie-Claire Andrews

S1 E11: Here we chat with Marie-Claire Andrews, CEO of Event Tech Tribe. Marie-Claire is a leading expert in the development of event technology products and a pioneer for the industry.

Prior to The Event Tech Tribe Marie-Claire founded and led ShowGizmo – an event app company that grew to 30 people in three countries. She was the establishment General Manager of the Wellington (New Zealand’s capital) angel investment network and was appointed as chair of Unlimited Potential, New Zealand’s leading technology business network.

With a personal philosophy of ‘no pressure, no diamonds’, Marie-Claire is an inspiration.

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S1 E10: We chat with Michael Linley, CEO and founder of Brand Capital International. Michael shares his immense experience in assessing and developing brand assets for sporting organisations as well as cities around the world. Currently undertaking a PhD with Victoria University on global sports business, Michael takes us through the methodology both organisations and cities use to assess the value of events and how the process and desired outcome can differ significantly in the absence of a standardised system. This podcast will reveal just how diverse the world of events is and how many opportunities exist within the industry we love.

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The Event Show - podcast 9 - Sharon Morris

S1 E9: Today we chatted with Sharon Morris, CEO of the iconic Australian event; Mothers Day Classic. Since it’s inception in 1998 the Mothers Day Classic has fundraised a staggering $33.2 million dollars for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Sharon shares her experiences leading an event that is now staged across the country, the partnerships that the team has established and the moments that deliver a memorable event experience. Listen in to find out how the event continues to evolve and grow from year to year. Sharon is a leader in her field and we thank her for sharing her insights and advice on a career in events with the event show.

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The Event Show - podcast 8 - Michelle Morris

S1 E8: In this episode we chat with Michelle Morris, an event industry expert with a career that spans major events, national sport organisations and now with Visit Victoria as Head of Major Events of Acquisitions for Regional and Government (and yes that is the most impressive title we’ve had so far!)

Michelle has held a number of senior roles in the event industry and shares her journey to the top and insights into her event experiences with us.

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The Event Show - podcast 7 - Georgie Stayches

S1 E7: We chat with Georgie Stayches, owner of Fetching Events and Communications and a seasoned event and media professional. Georgie brings some terrific perspective on event strategy as well as nurturing each group of stakeholders in an event including the all important volunteers. Fetching Events and Communications success’ is built on personalised service and creating memorable events for each of its clients. Georgie is incredibly passionate about the events industry and the people in it – this is well worth a listen!

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S1 E6: We chat with Christiaan Page, an event and sport technology mastermind who is incredibly passionate about events, the people in the events industry and the legacy that we are all able to leave behind when we deliver remarkable events. Christiaan is currently based in Lausanne in Switzerland where he heads up a company called Legacy Sport. Christiaan kindly joined us by phone on this podcast to share his insights into the world of major sporting and Olympic events.

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The Event Show - podcast 5 - Lindy Murphy

S1 E5: Here we chat with Lindy Murphy, seasoned event and multi sport delivery expert. Lindy shares her event experiences with us including two Commonwealth Games event and the iconic Netball World Cup. Listen in for some great insights on making the most of opportunities, creating a cohesive and high performing team and contingency planning and why it’s so important to do.

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The Event Show - podcast 4 - Bennett Merriman

S1 E4: We chat with Bennett Merriman, Co-Founder of Event Workforce Group. EWG is committed to connecting hard working, talented people with the best clients in the sports, events and entertainment industry around the world. Their mantra is “Placement with a purpose.” In this episode we chat in depth about what it takes to create and run a business servicing the events industry and how EWG has started to scale into international markets.

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S1 E3: A huge welcome our first international guest; Tom Kiely. Tom is the founder of the Xterra World Series which is now held in 30 countries around the world. We chat to Tom about what is involved in creating a new event concept and then scaling it to be delivered in different locations whilst providing the same level of service to the participants.

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The Event Show - podcast 2 - Carissa Harris

S1 E2: We welcome Carissa Harris, Senior Event Director with Cricket Australia. Carissa shares her insights into the events industry, work-life balance and how to nurture future leaders in this industry we love.

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The Event Show - podcast 1 - Stephen Newport

S1 E1: We welcome a giant of the industry; Stephen Newport. Stephen has forged an impressive events career working in leading roles on the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games, the ICC Cricket World Cup and more recently the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games.

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