It’s a tough time, so it’s a good time to come together,
to share our challenges, and to get back to your best!

You deserve to succeed, but it’s harder to do it on your own,
so it’s a good time to get some support. And sometimes, as we know in events, things are better when we share them with others!

In these fun but focused small Group sessions we will help ignite your inspiration,
the Why and the What, but also give you the How, in a Playbook to get the recognition,
that job, and the life you deserve.


Things might be pretty challenging right now, but we can set you up to succeed in what is coming next.

The purpose of these group sessions are to take you from your current situation and get you that job you want, or just back to a way of working how you want, and living the way you deserve.

I always find event people have the answers to problems within them, it’s just that we sometimes need a bit of help to get them out. So in this session, we will explore some new ways of working, applying your events mindset, and my ‘Experience Design’ methods, to set you up for success, using some proven and practical ways of ‘designing an ideal life’.

To help you on your way – we will work through 9 steps in a ‘mini Playbook’ – to ‘Experience Design Your Life’.

You will walk away with a focus on what is important, where you want to go, and what you need in place to get you there!

I want to know more

How do you rate out of 10 in these 3 areas today?

Let’s make sure you have the motivation, the ability and the opportunities you deserve!


This is for you. Event People, across sport, entertainment, agencies, conferences or community events.

Yes, our world is a little bit different. This is for people like us!


We know that to achieve anything in life, you always need:

1. THE WHY – to know what is important
2. THE WHAT – the goal that your striving for
3. THE HOW –
• The Motivation
• The Capability
• The Opportunity

So we will make sure you are feeling motivated, you have the ability, and we make sure you can find the opportunities.

We look at the life you want to live, we map out the journey you will want to take, with the people and the things you that will need to achieve this.


If you’re ready to make some changes and step up into the job and the life you deserve, then let’s chat!

You can book in a call at andrew@andrewoloughlin.com or call me direct on +61 423 359 354.

PLEASE NOTE all programs are currently being offered at half price as recognition of the current industry challenges.

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